Bake Your Bread, and Eat it Too

Welcome to the final installment of the Becoming a Homeschool Baker series. After every thing is said and done the only way to know if you've been successful is to turn up the heat and bake the dough. There are ways to tell if something went wrong along the way and sometimes you can catch... Continue Reading →

Kneading Expectations

Welcome back to the series, Becoming a Homeschool Baker. I'm writing this a week late because last Saturday we were in the midst of the funeral process. It's cathartic to write about working through the hard as we go through something so hard as a family. Because the truth is that as beautiful and as... Continue Reading →

Let it Rise

Welcome back to our Becoming a Homeschool Baker series. Today is going to be shorter than usual. The concept itself is very simple and doesn't require a whole lot of extrapolation, but it will also be short because I am also writing this post during my margin. My husband is currently taking our oldest to... Continue Reading →

Ingredients Matter

Welcome back to the series on Becoming a Homeschool Baker, this week we are continuing the metaphor while looking at the role of the ingredients. When it comes to baking ingredients matter but not in the way you might think. You don't need to use organic spelt flour to make the best bread. You don't... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Starter

Last week I started a series about Becoming a Homeschool Baker, where over the next few weeks we use baking as a metaphor for homeschooling, diving into the lessons we can pull out of both. This week is a focus on the starter. All breads have a starter. Some need to be gently taken care... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Homeschool Baker

If you’ve read my bio tag at the bottom of my blog posts then you know that I’m a wannabe Homesteader. I live solidly in the suburbs and really want goats, chickens and rabbits but goats are against our zoning laws, my husband is anti- rabbits unless they are food and our property is up... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

I hear so often the cry for scheduling and rhythm and remember a time when I too believed that I had to have everything all figured out. As if figuring out our system was going to make things work indefinitely. Through system after system. After settling on a method. Beyond tinkering with and prodding at said method, and after all of the changes and growths that still keep surprising me year after year. I have discovered a truth.

After Unschooling

Well if you are here that means you are looking for information on Unschooling. Welcome! Unfortunately, while I really enjoyed our years as Unschoolers we have moved on from this style of schooling. If you would like to look at the archives, please be my guest. So much of what we did was absolutely wonderful... Continue Reading →

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