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Spreading the Feast, for the Differently Wired Child

You don't have to be around the Charlotte Mason Community for long before you hear the term "Spreading the Feast." Often this term is used to describe the program, or the variety of subjects we provide our students through our curriculum choices. The term comes from Charlotte Mason herself, who said: "We spread an abundant... Continue Reading →

After Unschooling

Well if you are here that means you are looking for information on Unschooling. Welcome! Unfortunately, while I really enjoyed our years as Unschoolers we have moved on from this style of schooling. If you would like to look at the archives, please be my guest. So much of what we did was absolutely wonderful... Continue Reading →


When I received my diagnosis for Fibromyalgia the first emotion that hit me was sheer relief. I wasn't crazy. The pain wasn't in my head. I hadn't imagined that life was getting harder. It actually was. Shower's hurt. I still need to sit and rebuild my stamina before getting dressed after a warm shower, especially... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

I don't recognize the woman I have become. I am not complaining, but I don't know where this woman in the mirror came from. Early Mornings. Choosing to wake up before my children and doing it so often that I no longer need an alarm, even if I'm in bed at 1am. Exercise...What?! Choosing not... Continue Reading →

Finding a Fit

Well hello again, it's been a while hasn't it? Thanksgiving feels like a lifetime ago yet here I sit at my keyboard only now realizing that it's been that long since I put my thoughts out there. So much has happened in such a short time. The curriculum that worked fabulously stopped working fabulously after... Continue Reading →

Before the Crazy Starts

Happy Thanksgiving Y'All! I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was full of joy and relaxation. I am so thankful for the blessings of a somewhat normal year thus far (or at least what I imagine a normal year to be) that I'm actually a bit overwhelmed by it all and having a really hard time expressing... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I last wrote and honestly the only reason why I've taken a step back from blogging is because I've been elbow deep in living the life. I have spent more time reading up on a philosophy I thought I knew while trying to concurrently implement elements that I have always... Continue Reading →

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