Attack of the Lazy Bug

Does this just happen to us? For some reason when our family has a lot to do, especially on the weekends, we get attacked by the lazy bug and everyone shuts down. I'm talking an entire weekend of pajamas and cartoons from Netflix! For those necessary meals I don't cook I reheat, or if I... Continue Reading →


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Today is the Last day of Christmas! A day of celebration for most of the world and yet here in the United States it goes almost completely unnoticed. The Twelve days of Christmas is a popular song but the meaning as been lost through the over secularization of the Christmas Holiday. Like its Jewish counterpart... Continue Reading →

To be or Not to be… Content

How do you teach a kid to be content? This is a world filled with people misusing the word "need" when the word "want" is supposed to be used and when feelings of entitlement are more common than grass. I struggle with this because it makes me wonder, how am I supposed to teach my... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Its 2012! With the on set of a new year I have decided to pick up blogging so that I can journal the process through which I am discovering life. We are in a constant state of organized chaos and this blog will help me chronicle the road from newbie stay at home mom to... Continue Reading →

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