Attack of the Lazy Bug

Cuddle Bugs

Does this just happen to us? For some reason when our family has a lot to do, especially on the weekends, we get attacked by the lazy bug and everyone shuts down. I’m talking an entire weekend of pajamas and cartoons from Netflix! For those necessary meals I don’t cook I reheat, or if I do cook its something simple like pancakes. Lately this attack has been recurrent and I am not sure if it is because I’m nearing the third trimester again or if the kids and hubby have had enough busy all week to just wear them out, or if it’s a combination of the two. Either way I always feel like such a slob by the time the weekend is done!

Come monday morning I am always more exhausted than before and the to-do list frightens me. Some weeks I can put on my big girl panties and just get it all done but others feel as if the weight of the world has come crashing down. So how do you get rid of those lazy day blues? Is it something I will discover when I FINALLY normalize from all these overlapping pregnancy hormones?

I have made to do lists galore, schedules and menus but I still have such a hard time creating a routine that does not include tv for the kids. I have made lesson plans and organized materials but when the time comes to sit down a teach the kids or to do some fun experiment the exhaustion takes over. I know it’s not fair to the little ones, no matter how content they are with a day of cartoons, free play and outside running but it bugs me to the core that it takes everything inside of me to sit down and build a block tower with the kids.

The only satisfaction I find is in the fact that they get unusually high amounts of cuddle time incorporated with healthy snacks. When they watch tv it is usually done in a manner that finds all three little ones on my lap all bundled up with blankets while eating enormous amounts of grapes, blueberries, apples and bananas. One day within the next year I will get this all in order. I will become organized. I will be able to teach my kids, paint with them, do science experiments with them, write stories with them and all of those other wonderful activities I know I can do but have been unable to thus far. Within this year I will find my motivation, but I have a feeling it won’t come back fully until august or september when I finally start to get used to Little Bitty.

Until then I will continue to fight the lazy bug, even if it is a losing battle!


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