Hello again 3 am, I have not missed you in the least.


The best gifts in life are not those that come wrapped up in fancy paper or bows. Our family has been once again blessed with the greatest of all gifts, a beautifully healthy baby girl. Born on April 10, 2012 at 7lbs 3oz, Eleanor Abigail was born and yet another adventure has been thrust upon our laps. We were blessed that my husband returned from his workup in Korea just before Easter allowing us to have time as a family before the chaos insued and even more blesssed to have had him home for the week after she was born.


Life in the military is not easy and I know that I was beyond lucky to have had my husband home to be by my side during my csection. I also know that we have been blessed to have had my husband home for every birth, even if he wasn’t home for very long at least he was able to meet each of his children. So many families that I know have had to go through the joys of bringing a new life into this world from thousands of miles apart and I thank God that if even for only a few weeks, he was with us.


Too often we take for granted the presence of those we love until the moment they are no longer there. Yet any military wife can tell you how bittersweet every seperation can be, from something as simple as 24 hour duty to the anguish of an unaccompanied tour, because it is such an integral part of our lives. We learn to appreciate each and every smile, to hang on to every touch, every happy memory. We get butterflies at the sound of his voice and are given the gift of remembering why we fell in love. We learn to grow marriages over letters, phone calls and thanks to the advent of modern technology to the few video confrences we are able to set up. As a Navy brat (not the “my dad got out when I was a kid” kind of brat but an “I traded one dependent ID for another” kind of brat) I fully recognize how amazing modern technology is. During Desert Storm when my father was serving with the Marines in Kuwait the form of communication I remember most was hearing his voice was through a cassette tape that was mailed with a letter or book. Fast forward and now my children can see their father face to face and talk to him as often as connectivity allows. My husband has been able to see our new baby turn from a new born into a chunky little cherub, he has heard our toddler as her vocabulary grows daily, my preschooler is able to draw pictures and show daddy her stories and my son was able to sit and watch saturday morning cartoons and eat cold cereal while daddy also ate cold cereal. It is a whole new world and the blessings we have been given have made it an amazing ride.


The upcomming months are bound to be filled with sleepless nights and whirlwind days as I continue to take on midnight feedings, start homeschooling through the local charter school (which is amazing and deserves its own post), all while continuing my attempts at getting healthier and more organized… Frankly the whole thing is terrifying and the only reason I am taking it on is because I know I have been led here and God’s not done working in me yet. 20120603-000819.jpg