One block, two blocks, three blocks… Fall down

It is official! Homeschooling take two! Ever since we enrolled our son in kindergarten and gave up the homeschool experience for anything other than preschool I've dealt with a smorgasbord of emotions! Guilt for not sticking through with it, joy at the ability to let go and regain my sanity, anxiousness over whether or not... Continue Reading →


A Library Love Affair

We are a family that loves to read! Really it's more than that, I am raising a generation of bibliophiles. Or at least I am trying to. For me it's more than a love, It's an addiction and if I don't read often enough I go into withdrawals. I dream about characters in books as... Continue Reading →


Have you ever noticed how easily a child expresses joy? How quickly sadness turns to elation? I think sometimes that we forget what it means to be joyous. Responsibilities and the monotony of life numb us and we search for happiness in a self serving way. However for children real joy is constant! It's in... Continue Reading →

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