A Library Love Affair

We are a family that loves to read! Really it’s more than that, I am raising a generation of bibliophiles. Or at least I am trying to.


For me it’s more than a love, It’s an addiction and if I don’t read often enough I go into withdrawals. I dream about characters in books as if they are long lost friends or pieces of a past life. Sometimes my husband says that I need to join readers anonymous or that I need a map back to the real world and he’s right. Fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, youth fiction, political exposé, classical literature, cultural synopses… As long as its not romance I will devour it!


When Hunger Games came out my husband was deployed and I knew that if I picked it up I would disappear. So I waited, and waited, and waited until I finally gave in during our drive cross country. In the mornings we would get the children buckled in and our day would consist of 8-9 hours of driving, only then could I read in peace. Some would think its impossible to read in peace while driving with four kids across country but I devoured not only the Hunger Games but three other books during those three days. I felt no hunger, no exhaustion, no thirst, I could not even hear cries of “mommy” rising from the backseats (unless daddy poked or prodded me to get me out of the fantasy world). I do not exaggerate when I say that I am carried off to strange lands every time the words dance off the page and into my imagination.


I know that not everyone gets as involved with their reading, not every adventure is so real to each reader. Yet I hope that my love affair will be passed on like a dusty, dog eared, wrinkled old friend. Accepted and cherished by each of my mini me’s. Until that day I will continue to cherish our story time at home cuddled on the couch or the squeals of delight that erupt from my van every time my answer to “where are we going” is THE LIBRARY! Maybe, just maybe my love of all things written will spark the fire and ignite their love of learning.


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