One block, two blocks, three blocks… Fall down

It is official! Homeschooling take two! Ever since we enrolled our son in kindergarten and gave up the homeschool experience for anything other than preschool I’ve dealt with a smorgasbord of emotions! Guilt for not sticking through with it, joy at the ability to let go and regain my sanity, anxiousness over whether or not his needs were being met and more than anything else an underlying whisper of apprehension about what was coming next


I love watching my kids learn. I love answering the never ending line of questions, even if the answer is above their heads. It’s an integral part of parenting, it’s just part of the job description and I am more than ok with that. Its part of why we want to homeschool. Do I hate the public school system? No. Absolutely not. Some districts are better than others, some teachers are better than others, some students thrive in that environment, some don’t have a choice. I have that choice.

I want to raise my children in a way where they can be prepared for a world that disagrees with our beliefs. I want to raise children with a strong moral compass. I want to raise children who know how to debate, think, make a logical argument and who know where they stand in a world filled with relativity. I want them to enjoy learning. To dissect problems with tenacity and creativity. To think, read, write and create.


As I write this my four year old princess is creating a tower. She has built and rebuilt the tower nine times because each time it falls. While I write this I have been challenging her to think about why the tower is falling. We’ve talked about gravity, perseverance, anger management, architecture, physics, geometry, measurement and aesthetics. It’s been a work in progress and worth every minute. I don’t want to give this up. I don’t need to. I can provide this kind of learning environment for them. I can give them individual attention. I can, but not alone.
It takes a village, and I plan on using everything that God places before us to live out what God has placed on our plate.

Psalms 127:4
Like arrows in the hands of the warrior are the children born to a man in his youth.

May our arrows fly free and straight until they find their God given mark.



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