When “Simple” becomes “Overload”!

I love the look of simplicity. In theory Simplicity is great. Do more with less. Keep it simple. Less is more.

I’m a jeans n tshirt kind if gal. I decorate in solid neutrals with accent prints or colors. I thrift. I craft. Just not that often. I usually have genius ideas with zero time or drive to follow through and I know this about myself so I usually abstain from buying that awesome thrift store find that would look fabulous if I could just…whatever it’ll never really get done!

I do it with birthday parties too. I come up with these great ideas based on very rustic/simple concepts and then in order to create them I spend weeks freaking out over all the details!

This time I promised my husband that I was keeping Ellie-Bell’s 1st birthday party simple. I bought frozen/premade foods so that the food prep would be easy, but that cost twice as much as usual. I bought premade party decor and carefully took it down so that I could reuse it several times over, it actually cost less than what I usually do. But I still spent several hours prepping and setting up. I thought it would look cute to tape paper flags on the individual straws and use washi tape to create penant toothpicks for the finger foods- my husband was right and both ideas were adorable but totally unnecessary!

I think I might be done with big old birthday parties. Even though it was a success, even though she had a blast, it’s just too much work and too much money! So here’s my new theory…

Birthday trips! Go somewhere and do something fun and have a simple but awesome favorite dinner at home with homemade birthday cake or go visit family we don’t see often and do something fun with them (like the cousins my kids only see twice a year). Simple. Cost effective and way more fun for the WHOLE family!

Well little G is up next and we will see how well the theory works in reality.

Up next ill have to simplify homeschooling ideals and redefine my expectations (of myself) and get rid of unnecessary fluff! Hopefully I can stick to some true simplicity and not just simple looking…after all I am prone to over analyzing and over thinking just about EVERYTHING!



Funk n Jive


I don’t know about you but I go through cycles of tiredness, creativity, and productiveness. I am not a morning person. In fact, I don’t get into the groove of my day until after nap time most days. Which is why I try to go out and about in the mornings. If I want my kids to have fun, productive, learning filled mornings than I have to force myself out of the house bright and early. Otherwise the funk takes over and it’s just easy to let the girls watch their favorite tv shows, play with blocks, pretend and simply hang out at home.

Mornings like that are great and necessary every once in a while but when the funk becomes the jive and I’m stuck in a rut it is really hard to find motivation!
In my perfect world my house would be clean…

My kids lookin great…

And we would spend our mornings learning from nature!


But life isn’t perfect and instead my kids are in pjs for lunch,

20130405-103630.jpg and my laundry is waiting to be folded surrounded by a sea of toys and baby blankets.

I’m ok with this.

Because even if I’m in a funk and I haven’t crossed off a single item on my to do list I still get to be at home giggling with my girls, kissing away boo-boo’s, building tall towers and listening to some of the funniest conversations I’ve ever heard.

So why not embrace the funk n jive? I suppose there’s nothing wrong with cycles as long as I have more jive days than funk days… Right?