Bye Bye Baby

My itty bitty is getting too big! We are done with bottles, formula, baby food and the pacifier (maybe). The toddler bed is coming out and replacing the scratched up crib. Pre language sounds are flowing from her mouth as she parrots the words of her siblings.

My little toddler is almost a preschooler and all signs of babyhood (except for potty training) are long since gone from her actions. She is pre reading like a champ and learning her numbers like a gem!

My little preschooler has officially requested to start real school! She wants to read and write like big kids, she wants to ride the yellow school bus, she wants a real teacher.

My big boy spends everyday reading and exploring. He is staying up later every night and confounds me with questions. His thought processes and kind heartedness surprise me regularly.

How did this happen so fast? How did I make it through these years half asleep with exhaustion, stressed out and at my wits end?

Have we reached normality? Or whatever that elusive term may stand for? Is that even possible?

After so long of just trying to get through the day, I find myself wondering if I have simply reached the eye of the storm. Has life leveled out or is this a time of reconnections when we are allowed to recharge life’s batteries before we are thrust back into a world of chaos?


I am struggling with the attempt to not over analyze this. To just enjoy it. Soak in the giggles. Lay on the hugs n kisses with extra oomph. Take pictures, lots of pictures. If I made it through the last three years living one day at a time why fix what isn’t broke?

Carpe diem… Vini vidi vici… Did I remember those correctly? Lol oh well. Today’s a new day, there is cleaning to do, woods to explore, paintings to create, stories to imagine, castles to build and kisses to distribute!



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