Really?! Seriously!?
It would be just my luck!!

I spent months planning and organizing, researching and outlining!

I looked into Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unschooling, Montessori, Waldorf and Thomas Jefferson styles and merged what I though would fit our family. I have been agonizing over what I would teach and how I would teach it.

For what!? For it all to crumble on day 3!! We have done quite a bit of work in two days and all of my chronological research has been for what?!

After a day of sickeness (thank God it was only a 24 hr bug!) we decided, based on an overdue and half finished Harry Potter book, that today would be our library day. We walked in, returned our books and began to look for this weeks selection.

This is one of our favorite libraries, we spend at least one morning a week here and know where everything is located. So my children and I knew just where to go to find our books. And then he saw it…

A graphic novel about a little girl in china! “Mom where’s china, can we learn about china?” Followed by the enthusiastic squeal of a four year old with a dinosaur book in hand.

My husband and I had decided that if the kids wanted to take rabbit trails we would facilitate that. We decided that we would allow some child led learning but I haven’t even gotten into the real subjects yet! Everything so far has just been an introduction!

So three days into our journey and our path is changing! Ana and Jo want to know more about Dinosaurs, Greelpy wants to learn about bugs and china but I want them all to learn about folk tales.

Soooooo, we will throw it all together and do a unit study! It’s a good thing I found a math book about tanagrams!


In the Beginning…

In the beginning…

The downstairs is all set up, the work boxes are full, the calendar is up, the curriculum is organized, the books are beautifully placed throughout the room. Everything is ready. The kids are excited. I am tired but looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new adventure. I’ve had a first day before, it was horrid. I didn’t have all my curriculum, I wasn’t the one setting the tone for school. I was doing school at home through a charter school and it was too much at the wrong time. Tomorrow is different. I have no predetermined agenda that absolutely must be finished. I have a loose outline of things I want to bring up, of stories I want to read, of topics I would like to introduce and as the day goes we will discover where we are.

My children are inquisitive, precocious and analytical. They learn readily but often push hard against deadlines. They hate deadlines. We will work on that but not on the first day, not even the first week or month. We are practicing a relaxed and eclectic approach to homeschooling.

… Tomorrow has come and gone. It was wonderful. It was relaxed. Learning filled every moment. Questions were asked and answered with thought and imagination. Littles occupied themselves quietly within sight with age appropriate toys and explorations that they chose for themselves. We did all the subjects for the day before lunch and started at 930. It was blessed and relaxed. The house was still clean at the end. It was a perfect first day.
… But perfection doesn’t last and when you follow Gods calling things are bound to get in your way, or at least try.

Between perfection and bedtime I caught a cold. A fever running, not able to breathe, sore throat and exhaustion causing bug! Day two has been anything but perfection. We did school in bed. Copy work has been forgotten for Lego Avenger figurines, capes and pretend grocery shopping. Counting practice has turned into my two year old trying to change her own diaper. The littlest one thinks mommy’s face is a chair, mommy’s hair needs to be pulled and screaming is an acceptable form of communication. Whining and crying have replaced giggling and laughter.

It’s lunchtime and soon a nap we all desperately need. Then we shall see what this afternoon brings but right now I’m partial to a movie for the kids and a mindless world of fantasy that can be found in the well worn pages of an old book!
…Tomorrow is a new day, another chance at living and learning and growing. A new beginning…