Unproductive Productivity

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you think it’s been a complete failure only to go back and realize you actually did a lot?


This first week of homeschooling has been quite a ride. We’ve been sick, chosen a new course and my expectations of what I thought I would do and what we did don’t really match up. This morning while the kids watched a bug documentary I wrote down everything we learned and worked on this week. I can honestly say that I was thoroughly surprised!

What I thought had been an unproductive and mediocre at best week was actually filled with learning!

We have read a third of Stuart Little and the children love listening to the story every morning in mommy’s bed. We have had fascinating discussions about God, creation and science. Literature has come alive in the folk tales of Goldilocks and the Big Red Hen. We made Banana Bread, explored the lake, analyzed tree leaves, water droplets, and discussed the size of a molecule! Math and spelling have been fun via abcya.com and my little guy doesn’t fight me when I make him do challenging work.

In our own laid back way we have really made learning real. We may not sit down and have everyone sitting at the table filling out worksheet after worksheet but listening to their conversations during pretend play has calmed my fear that we are not doing enough. Now to plan out next week!




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