Evolution of a Homeschooler


If you read my earliest posts about homeschooling they are so far off from what we actually live! I have evolved into something I thought I would never be!

I used to be so rigid, such a planner… I still am but instead of planning out every minute I have come to embrace flexibility.

I am so glad that we didn’t spend a lot of money on curriculum this year. I am so glad that we are able to learn through everyday life. Trips and books have taken us from Chinatown to a coal mine, from the revolutionary war to the civil war, from dinosaurs to outer space! We spend our time watching nature, observing wildlife, watching documentaries… And it is so much more fun then reading a chapter in a textbook!


I used to think that there is no way I would ever Unschool, I believed the lie that if you want to homeschool the only way is to go classical (nothing wrong with it I love the idea of it but in practice it just doesn’t fit with our family). I was told its the only way and its not. Then I thought Charlotte mason has more freedom but that didn’t quite fit either. So now we are an eclectic mix of Unschooling and Charlotte mason.


How do we pull this off? How can you mix Unschooling with Charlotte mason?
For one we rely on living books, except that mom doesn’t choose them. I strew. I place out things I think the kids will enjoy, I turn on a documentary to see if their interests get sparked. We go to museums and fun historic places and when they ask questions we make a unit out of it.

We spent Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia visiting grandma and Grandpa. Friday was a historic Philly day and the kids had a blast learning about the American Revolution. So now we are doing a unit on the Revolution. We will go to the library, the kids will look up books and movies on the subject, we will check out museums in the area, go to historic places and if they want to get hands on we will build something or draw something related to it all. For math we play games, my son watches the Khan academy videos or we do workbooks. No single lesson is longer than 15 minutes and we spend hours doing nature study. The kids lead the way and I act as a guide, not a dictator. It’s an eclectic learning philosophy but its working for us!



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