Embracing Imperfection


It’s been a long day, a long week, month. Homeschooling is a daily struggle, completely well worth it and I love doing this, but…. (Enter whiny toddler voice) it’s hard!!

I knew it was hard, I knew it would be time consuming and above all I knew it would be something I couldn’t do alone! Little Mr. needs constant attention if you expect him to keep focused or on task. My girlies are able to cause drama within seconds that quickly escalates to full blown fights. Itty Bitty has her own way of creating chaos as she explores the world around her.

This year I have been piecing together various free resources from around the web, library and friends. We didn’t spend a lot on curriculum, instead we bought a few Usborne/DK/Kingfisher encyclopedias and a handful of field manuals for nature study.

We are doing unit studies via library books and google searches (always ending in “for kids”), documentaries and you tube videos. We visit museums, local tours, historic landmarks and parks. All under the lead of the children.

For language arts we read fun books and answer reading comprehension questions (which I write out after skimming each chapter). We look up vocabulary words from our unit study using dictionaries. We create poems and stories online via Storybird, which has really helped with the writing battles.

Math is based out of Khan Academy. It’s our spine and the core of what we do but it is only part of what we do. We also use awesome free apps on the iPad (like our favorite Sushi Monster) to practice math facts and avoid meltdown inducing fights. In addition to this more overt math practice we do everyday living math. We read math books, bake, build, and use manipulatives.


We DON’T do this every day, every week or even every month. We break it up over 6 weeks. We read everyday. We eat every day, even if lunch is peanut butter and jelly all week. We try to clean everyday but that doesn’t mean my house is clean everyday, it doesn’t even mean its tidy. I often have a couch full of clean laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes, a dishwasher full of clean ones and don’t get me started on the disaster areas we call the girls bedroom!!

The kids fight, a lot. The kids are defiant, disobedient, whiny, precocious, and all together regular children. They do not like to clean, they do not like to so their school work when I say we should, they get confused and they get frustrated.

Through it all we are learning GRACE! We are learning FORGIVENESS! We are learning SELF DISCIPLINE! Yet most of all we are learning together, building relationships and growing as a family! I would not trade this in for any of my dream jobs and not for a million dollars. I love the life we have, the flexibility, the ability to learn what’s of interest and grow in our faith as we leap into the unknown!

So yes it is hard. Yes I am tired. Yes it is a lot of work. No I am not alone. No I am not failing (even though I doubt myself often). No our house is not clean (I now wish my house was as clean as it was when I once thought it was a wreck…before homeschooling).

It is imperfect.

It is random.

It is full of everyday blessings!


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