Beach Day


Being military requires having to say “See ya later” to great friends. It’s one of the worst parts of this lifestyle.
We never say goodbye.
It’s a small world, chances are we will see each other again… Even if it means a 7 hour drive by yourself with four kids! Because it’s worth it!!

Being able to reconnect with best friends is always worth it! Homeschooling has given us the flexibility to allow random trips in the middle of the year! It’s allowed us the freedom to go to a beach for a school day! Allowing an amount of Unschooling into our lives has also given us the freedom to learn wherever we are! It doesn’t need to be on our lesson plan!

After a trip to Philly my little buddy wanted to study the American Revolution, so we picked that up! Astronomy is a constant love of his so we study that too. Yet just because we are already studying one or two subjects (on top of daily math and grammar) does not mean we are trapped within those subjects! So when we take a gorgeous fall day to explore the wonders of a North Carolina beach we may find ourselves talking about environmentalism, endangered species, turtle migrations and nesting practices, shark teeth, tides, ocean habitats, shells, sand densities and make up, geography and why this ocean water is warmer than California, etc… Then when we get back home we will look up more information on the computer, go to a library, graph the shells we found after classifying them, make patterns using shells and sharks teeth, trace shells to see the ridges and all together learn through hands on discovery!


Freedom is life, freedom to learn from everything around us teaches the kids that learning never ends, being able to travel whenever we want helps them to know that change is good. We are living our lives and enjoying each day as it’s own adventure! Some days are harder than others, some days are longer but I love this journey!



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