Warning: Entering Indoor Tornado Zone

The sun barely creeps through the tree lined surroundings. The crisp air gently flows through the windows. The Cicadas lend their hum to the symphony of crickets and grasshoppers that lulled me to sleep last night while robins and jays begin praising the wonders with their harmonious sounds.

So far the experiment is successful. The melodious harp that resonates from my phone each morning has been able to stir me from my slumber before the sounds of little feet reverberate through the halls. My warm bed invites me to stay for just a few moments longer. I linger in the warmth and enjoy the orchestral movements that greet my ears.

I allow myself the comfort of a lazy wake up. My phone awakens me with a bright light that stings my eyes as I thumb through apps to get to my daily bible verse. I greet the word and open with prayer as I try to build a relationship and not just go through the motions. Somedays I greet The Lord as an old friend, other days more like a chore, I’m trying to grow. The news app beeps and I thumb through with disdain and despair as I read the days events. I close the apps that make me think so early in the day and instead open the mindless chatter that keeps me connected to an outside world I often forget exists. I relish in the photos and memes shared by friends. The prayer request of others are noted and I take a moment to pray with them in solidarity. If time permits, a stroll through pinterest allows me to daydream or gather ideas for the day.

I could use that time to shower, clean or to organize but I am a slow waker. It takes an hour of minimal thought processing to get me ready to greet my day. I could wake earlier and possibly work out, but I do not and will not. I do not like to wake before the sun and waking with the sun is as early as I can muster for now.

Here come the little voices. The feet still trying to find their way as eyes still grasp for light. Some mornings laughter fills the house before light. Others begin with screams of indignation at the action of one sibling or another. Today is a day of laughter.

Greetings and hugs are shared as their little legs climb onto the bed as if it were Everest. Giggles and tickles find their way around soft bellies. Today it is just the girls. Giggling, playing and already full of imagination.

The princess must find the baby before the dragons come.

I remind the girls that today is different. Today we move furniture and toys. Today we rid the house of the beast!


Over the course of the last few months we have had the same fight every week. This is the state of the girls room.
How can they live in such a wretched state?
This room was cleaned less than two days before!

If only it were the only room. Alas it is not to be. Every room they touch looks as though a tornado has recently flown through. We have organizational systems in place. We have clean up times twice a day. We have tried to implement one toy at a time.

All to no avail.

They will learn…

They will grow…

However, I cannot withstand this environment for very long. And so, today is a moving day. We shall say goodbye to our beloved playroom/schoolroom and split up the army of little girls. Toys will be divided amongst bedrooms. Sisters will be split up.



Just this once…

Hope can fill me once again, cleanliness and order can return, and maybe my day will be as lovely as my wake up.


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