Saving Money a la Breadcrumbs

We are trying to save money any way we can, like most people we know. So I have been cutting corners in the kitchen and laundry room with homemade options to store bought stuff! Thanks to Pinterest, most of the time, I have been able to make laundry detergent, cleaning products, yogurt, bread, graham crackers, cheese crackers, granola bars and a few other baked goods!

When I’m not being totally lazy about needing to clean up after my baking projects this has really saved us quite a bit of money! We buy bulk at Costco for almost all the ingredients which really helps to cut down the costs as well.

What I noticed though, was that even though I was saving lots of money with all these homemade goodies (which also have much better ingredients) we were still pretty wasteful in other areas.

One such area was bread butts. We don’t use them. In the past I have used them for homemade stuffing but the family doesn’t really like stuffing outside of Thanksgiving dinner. So what’s a girl to do? The other day I had an epiphany… BREADCRUMBS!


I spend money on dried up, seasoned, crumbled bread all the time! We use them in meatloaf, burgers, on top of casseroles and baked meats. Yet here we are throwing away perfectly good bread because we don’t like them in sandwiches or French toast! What kind of crazy is that!


First I toast the bread. We go through a lot of bread, about three loaves a week. I take whatever butts are hanging around our pantry, stick them in the toaster.


Break the toast into large chunks and toss them in my mini food processor.


I then add some seasonings. Because we use it for so much I stick to about a half a teaspoon each of garlic powder and onion powder. Then I process until the bread is fully crumbled!


That’s it! It’s so easy that I wonder why I never thought of doing this before! We store it in an airtight container in the pantry. Super simple, saves you money and uses things you already have in the pantry!


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