Merry Christmas, Now Take a Deep Breath!

Have you ever read an article trying to grasp to straws? Trying to understand more only feel even more overwhelmed?

Christmas is coming, it’s about a week away. It’s a time of joy and cheer, for all of us. It really is our favorite time of year. We don’t celebrate the big red guy, instead we try our best to make meaningful memories while preparing for the the symbolic birth of Christ.

For us it’s about remembering why God sent his son, it’s about living love daily and it’s about simplifying things and getting our hearts and minds on the right page.

The is what we focus on, we don’t go crazy with presents, we don’t do tons of crafts or baking, and we don’t make it over the top. For school we do much of what we usually do and just go with the flow. We read lots of Christmas stories, we visit our families, we make gifts for loved ones and each other but it’s all really relaxed. At least when we are at home.

This is where the articles come in (and I am sooooo happy that there are so many other bloggers of gifted kids out there that get this!!!) because when we are not at home my kids go bananas!! Three of my four are pretty sensitive in the sensory department. They don’t like certain textures (neither do I but I’ve grown to deal with it), they don’t handle too much noise well (again neither do I, I get such bad headaches!), none of us (me and 3 of the 4) handle lots of people or crowded places well (my oldest has anger control issues, my 3 yr old gets very shy and retreats into her shell, my youngest cries and we all have meltdowns if forced to be like that for very long).

So you can imagine what happens when we go anywhere during this time of year! I had a panic attack in a mall because of the crowds, my son takes his frustrations out by yelling and crying (think 2 1/2 yet old tantrum coming from a 6 yr old), my little girls are just too sensitive to handle any of the craziness and just want to be held with their faces buried in my shoulder!

We all love the music, we love the food, we love our family but we need time outs. All of us.

For decades I have felt the need to conform and just suck it up so I put on a show, pretend I’m someone else and fake it till I make it. That’s probably why I loved acting so much in high school, I had already been doing it for years! Putting on that act has gotten me through a lot over the years, but I don’t want to force my kids into that kind of falseness. So I’ve been reading, and reading and reading lots of articles on how to deal with the holidays when you have sensitive kids!

This year we WILL have a great Christmas WITH all of our family but we will also take everyday not at home in stride. I’m still overwhelmed by the thought of it all but I feel a little bit more prepared! I also know that because our families are awesome they will understand when we just need a quiet moment amidst the crazy, and a house with 9-12 kids (aged 9-1) snowed inside a few days before Christmas is bound to get crazy!


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