Imagination Station!


These kiddos are down right creative! Most days I can’t get a word in edgewise because of the intricate worlds they have created. As they are growing into their own unique personalities I am finding that we live in a house with multiple gifts!

I thought I understood this whole gifted thing and asynchronous learning after going through everything with little G man but I am learning quickly that gifted looks very different in other kids!

Miss Jo is throwing me for a loop! She is insanely creative, addicted to details, a natural problem solver and her understanding of mathematical concepts far exceed her brothers at this age! She is sensitive and intense, she expect perfection from herself and is her own harshest critic. She lives in an alternate reality yet loves hearing stories about the past. She is silly yet sometimes mature beyond her years while also temperamental and demanding.


I want to help her see her strengths yet she focuses on her weaknesses. She is stressing herself out over an in ability to read (she will be 5 in 2 months) regardless of how much we reassure her that it’s ok. She has decided that she needs to be able to read and in her mind that’s all she needs. It doesn’t help that Ana Banana is starting to recognize letter sounds either.

That’s a whole other child throwing me for a loop! She devours books… Or rather has an unending love affair with being read to. Ana Banana sleeps with books taking over her bed as she creates her own stories to go along with the pictures within the pages.

Her quiet nature in public is juxtaposed against a wild explorer when home. She creates plays and puppet shows. Has a different voice for each character, build homes with blocks, yet she has a hard time with writing and drawing.


To say that her emotions are intense is an understatement, this child wears her emotions on her sleeve unless she is manipulating the situation, which she does with ease. She reads people as easily as she reads books. I’m often shocked at her understanding of emotions and situations.

At two she often told us she couldn’t use the potty because “I’m just a toddler” and now that she’s three her reasoning behind refusing to potty train is “I don’t need to, if I get messy you will clean me.”


How do you respond to that? How do you handle a perfectionist four year old? A six year old who speaks his own made up language (Hutsu)? A one year old who can’t speak but tries to change her own diapers and can work any electronic in her path?

For now I focus on praising their strengths and gently guiding them through their weaknesses while working on character traits but one thing is for sure, there is no shortage of imagination in this house or questions!



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