Pirates, Faeries and Tea


Want to know the secret to how things work for us? The answer is a simple, tea!


I do not like fighting for attention. I do not like yelling and forcing my children to sit down and listen. It is one of the main reasons that I started Unschooling. However, just letting the kids do their own thing all the time scares me. It feels like I’m not doing enough to ensure that they are learning at appropriate levels, which is why I have incorporated some Charlotte Mason philosophies to our child led day. The most important of which, is living books.


I start each unit with requests made by the kiddos. They choose two subjects that they want to know more about and then we hit up the library. We find movies that fit in, documentaries and cartoons as well and make a list of them together.


Everyday we choose a few of the books…


We choose our tea…

<img src="https://randomeverydayblessings.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140122-102451.jpg" alt="20140122-102451.jpg"

And we get comfy!

The kids drink their tea, eat their snack and I use the moment of silence to read books and start discussions. When tea is done the get free play time, which almost always ends up being based entirely on the topics we just read. They naturally “narrate” in their own words through pretend play and usually they ask to make props that fit in with the topics as well. Most times those props require writing or research and often our discussions explore the less obvious sides of the topic. Then in the evening with daddy our TV time is focused on one of our listed shows.

The learning is so organic that they think “doing school” is just tea time!

For math we are switching things up and introducing a real curriculum because I feel that it is too important to be whatever about, but that’s another post entirely!

In the meantime their concept of school will stay at less than an hour of sitting and paying attention, because that is what they can handle and what I can handle. So back to the world of Pirate stories and Faerie Tales, our newest units of study!



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