Good Morning


Mornings are evil. My warm bed tempts me to stay hidden until the sounds of little feet come rushing with noises that rival the bays of wild, hungry hounds.


The bitter cold outside scares away even the mighty sun, on these dark winter mornings. My soft pillow allows for the comforts of a King in an otherwise humble abode.


These little faces smile so sweetly. Their hands and feet work tirelessly as they climb the mountain that is mommy’s bed. Giggles and tears flow simultaneously as they greet the new day. Ready and willing to take on whatever may come.


I know all to well the myriad of responsibilities that await my presence. I have two choices…ignore it all and lay in bed until the absolute last minute or rise unwillingly before the littles have a chance to wake.


Every morning my husband’a alarm shatters my lovely sleep. Every morning I wage war with myself while my house and husband lie quietly unaware.

Most every morning my lazy and rebellious side win. It’s lovely to stay in bed until almost 8, but then I feel rushed as the hungry children demand sustenance. The rest of day is a game of catch up and I often reach naptime exhausted both mentally and physically.

However, on the off chance that my responsible and dutiful side win, the story is quite different. I am able to wash a load of dishes and clothes, make a pot of coffee, have a conversation with my husband before he rushes off to work and breakfast is not rushed.

It’s such an idyllic morning that I often wonder why I don’t force myself to do it more often. I’m still tired by naptime but I am not exhausted beyond belief. I still tackle the same responsibilities but starting off with that quiet me time really does make a huge difference!

Alas, I am a lazy woman and as much as I try to fight it, I will always be battling my internal sloth. I used to be a night owl, I still get all of my greatest ideas at night, but adulthood and children have kept me from embracing the freedom of life in the moonlight.

So here I am, nursing my coffee, writing, and laying on a couch covered in the softest throw I own while my happily stuffed munchkins are watching cartoons and playing with blocks. Today was an early morning, maybe I’ll be strong willed enough to win the battle tomorrow as well…or maybe I’ll cherish my sleep, only tomorrow knows.

I definitely hope for a Good Morning.


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