Pajama Day!

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like in our house? We don't follow a schedule, its a rhythm and like most rhythms there are upbeat days and slow days. Some days we wake up early and head off on adventures...If I'm feeling up to it, those kinds of days could happen as much as... Continue Reading →


The Homeschool Tour

Welcome to¬†Our Home! It is no surprise that we practice a style of homeschooling that is a hybrid of the Unschooling or Child led and Charlotte Mason and I have already written a few posts on what that looks like. However, I am often asked how I actually do this...and on a budget! So I... Continue Reading →

Homemade Instant Oatmeal

My kiddos are oatmeal fiends! They can easily eat 2 packages of instant oatmeal every day for breakfast. So let's do the math together, 2 packages multiplied by 4 kids equals 8 packages of instant oatmeal per day! Most boxes of oatmeal come with 10 packages for about $2.50 a box. Now the natural thing... Continue Reading →

Living Learning

Yesterday I was asked by another homeschool parent, while participating in an online discussion, "how do you get your kids to love reading?"...which made me think, how do I do it? The honest answer is that we live a life of learning. As I thought over the priorities we have in life I realized that... Continue Reading →

The Tea Time School

This is our school. A pile of books related to our current interests. However, getting my rambunctious kiddos to settle down enough to purposefully listen has always been a struggle. This is our school room. Our kitchen table is our center of gravity. Everything starts here. Even their imaginary adventures usually start with a discussion... Continue Reading →

When Plans Fail

Remember this photo? Yep, that's the hallway from my bedroom to the kids rooms. It has every toy we could find in any of the three rooms stacked about two feet high... Ok fine I'll be honest, thrown about two feet high. I have struggled for years (since my oldest was born) with my OCD... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Mice and Men

While going through my new nightly routine (little by little I'll figure out this whole adulthood/ responsibility/ homemaker thing) of cleaning up the kitchen I found a sight all too well known by these eyes. Tiny black dots scattered behind my microwave and along the edge of my sink. I move the microwave to find... Continue Reading →

Fencing Along

Where has time gone? This little wonder will be turning 5 in about a month and I'm beginning to freak out! As I start to focus more on what she needs academically and I get ready for her first "official" year of school I find myself walking along the fence of choice. Honestly there is... Continue Reading →

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