Fencing Along


Where has time gone? This little wonder will be turning 5 in about a month and I’m beginning to freak out! As I start to focus more on what she needs academically and I get ready for her first “official” year of school I find myself walking along the fence of choice. Honestly there is just too much to choose from and I’m thinking about sitting here in the middle and mulling over the options for a bit.

So welcome to my internal dialogue regarding all these choices…

1) I can continue doing what we are doing now which is a very loose CM day filled with rabbit trails down interest led briars. We have Awana in the evening, the occasional science class, theater trip or zoo/aquarium/museum field trip and sports or dance in the spring. This would be my choice, it works so well with both G and A while giving us the flexibility we all love. However, little miss socialite wants more “school” and that’s where the confusion seeps in.

2) We could start attending classical conversations along with #1 to get a once a week school day in with friends and group dynamics. However, this one requires extra funds and possible cuts in other areas due to financial restraints. Soooo…do we sign up for a once a week class, and then have to choose between a sports activity and science class or skip the weekly and keep both of the others? Or do we go with all three and cut back somewhere else? If that option though, then where?

3) This is the option she wants most and I want least. It messes with our flexibility and our time together, it will change our family dynamic and limit sibling interaction but I know she will excel. In this option we sign her up for a full day of real kindergarten. I don’t think she knows what she wants. I can always pull her out if it isn’t working for us but that would be a heck of a lot of work to put on whoever her teacher would be. This would also save me from having to teach her to read…I’m not that good at that part. Also if she is having trouble reading because of some yet unknown issue, like dyslexia, it would be nice to have her evaluated by the school.

All three are viable options, all three provide for the needs of my kiddos but all three require some sort of sacrifice and giving. Which is why I’m here on this fence. I may be here a while. This is a big decision. We will discuss things as a family and pray about it incessantly so please pray with us. This fence is uncomfortable, I don’t like it…I prefer a hammock that sways in wind while steadily supported by unmoving trees!


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