A Tale of Mice and Men


While going through my new nightly routine (little by little I’ll figure out this whole adulthood/ responsibility/ homemaker thing) of cleaning up the kitchen I found a sight all too well known by these eyes. Tiny black dots scattered behind my microwave and along the edge of my sink. I move the microwave to find a pile more of these disgusting little dots next to a chicken bone that I KNOW was thrown in the trash.

I do what every modern, independent women does when they see such obvious signs of Unwelcomed guests… I screamed. Not a panicked girly scream…although I have no doubt that if the originator of those dots had been behind my microwave that is exactly what would have exited my mouth…no this was more of the kind of scream that is usually followed by obscenities… but quickly adapted for little ears.

The little ears showed up first, then Man of the House.

His response was more manly and far more sarcastic.

The little ears were curious and clueless.

We explained that somehow a (hopefully) small mammal of the rodent species (gosh I hope so) had found it’s way into our house and was hiding behind appliances eating our food.

The littles immediately asked if this was a new pet. I’ll stick with daddy’s response “not unless it’s food for our new snake!” …and no we did not buy a new snake, much to my husbands chagrin. We went into the danger of these kinds of visitors and sent the littles to bed excited about a new adventure.

I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, swept out from under the oven and fridge, disinfected and wiped down everything in sight. My kitchen was now cleaner then when we moved in! We went to bed and I awoke to more little presents from unexpected guests.

Now my pantry was by no means messy, I had worked hard to organize it and keep everything just so in my dollar store containers. I swept it out daily and regulated the tiny feet trying to empty it of snacks.


Not messy at all and I thought it was pretty safe… Until our little guest proved me wrong! That little rodent ate through the packaging of several food items!

Enter yesterday morning: all pain had dissipated in the rage that clouded my senses! My exhaustion melted with determination! This uninvited guest put this witch on a rampage!!

The rampage has seen to a new era of cleanliness and order … Which have been sorely missed by the parental units that abide within these walls. I have spent the last 24 hours (minus normal human needs- like sleep) cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING in sight!

I have even made new messes while cleaning others.

In fact, I have made it my mission to organize this house from top to bottom!

Thanks to some shopping trips to Target and Ikea along with the use of every mason jar in my possession, I have remedied the packaging issues.

Housing has come to the house to set traps and seal holes.

In a way the guest problem is on it’s way to being fixed!


Heck, my pantry looks even better than before, my house has not been this clean in months, our closets actually have clothes hung on hangers instead of piles on floors. Bathrooms are spotless, sheets have been changed, corners and knick-knacks have been dusted!

But my hallway looks like the picture above…and so I guess this tale of mice and men has lead to an early spring cleaning! So thank you little guest, don’t come back, but thank you for helping me find my motivation to make this house an orderly home once again!


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