When Plans Fail


Remember this photo? Yep, that’s the hallway from my bedroom to the kids rooms. It has every toy we could find in any of the three rooms stacked about two feet high… Ok fine I’ll be honest, thrown about two feet high.

I have struggled for years (since my oldest was born) with my OCD nature and the sheer amount of messes children…even newborns… Create. What is it about these little creatures that causes such chaos?


Everything gets destroyed, including my plans.

As I lay in bed this morning I created my mental to do list:
– wash the dishes
– get started on the laundry
– organize the toys
– give the kids a bath (this a morning event for us, mom n dad are way to exhausted to handle this at night)
– go to the library
– go to the lake
– fold the laundry (not even put it away, just get it folded)

So that was my idea for the day, I didn’t even plan any “school” because I figured that was enough to fill our day, and going to the library and lake really ends up being enough school for a day.


Well it’s quiet time (230 pm) and we went to the library and the lake. Oh and baby girl got a bath. That pile of laundry has been staring at me for almost two weeks. The three oldest were told at 0830 over breakfast of the days events. They were told to take quick showers and get dressed. I then took my shower and bathed the little one…we were bathed and dressed by 0945…the three oldest were naked playing in their rooms. Showers were canceled and I told them to get dressed. 1015 rolls around (breakfast has been cleared from the table, diaper changed, kitchen wiped down but dishes are still in the sink) two kids have on clothes but no socks or shoes and the third is in panties running around like a chicken…seriously, she was clucking. By 1030, with mom standing right there, all three were dressed and searching for coats. We left the house at 1055.

This doesn’t happen every morning but it happens more often than I would like to admit. We have all gotten better about time management when we have a time limit, but if it’s just a whatever kind of thing, like the library, then this always happens!

Anyway, we finally get underway and find to our great surprise four huge Turkey Vultures eating something in the field around the corner from our house! I should have taken pictures but we were to busy analyzing the situation (and watching for cars as we blocked the road).

Who knows if we would have been able to view such an amazing sight had we left any earlier! It was wonderful and fascinating! The kids spent the rest of the ride asking questions about birds, scavengers, predator/prey relationships and about the anatomy of vultures! We have spent hours bird watching and in nature but to see a scavenger that they had only seen on Wild Kratts only five feet away and interacting with other scavengers was a great start to our day!


The Library was even better! The girls met another homeschooled little girl (in first grade) and played for a full hour while G and I found every book he thought we could use this week as we learn about birds and pirates (he felt that we should break up winter animals into bird and mammals because they probably act differently during winter).

Jo and Ana had so much fun playing that they actually asked twice to stay longer! It’s such a rare treat for them to get real play time in with a girl their own age so it was fantastic. As the kids said their goodbyes, I decided we would do something totally different from our norm.





Picnic Lunch at the Diary Farm! We had never been here before, and it is not a working dairy farm anymore but there were parking spaces, playful horses and cows in the distance to watch as we ate our lunch.

G decided we needed to know all about the latest Captain Underpants book he had read so he divulged the parts he found hilarious between mouthfuls of hot dog.

Jo moved from one side of the car to the next giving her stuffed kitty a nice view.

All while the youngest two are to their hearts content!

We headed towards the lake and found a gaggle of geese! The were everywhere, and the kids loved exploring the lake while looking for signs of spring. According to little G it must be coming soon because there are so many more birds out than usual!






By this time it was almost 1400 and mommy was exhausted, even though the littles were ready to explore some more, so we headed home. After a beautiful bluejay, four young white tailed deer and countless scurrying squirrels, the children and I were shocked when one of the vultures was still in the corner eating!




Mesmerized, we sat there watching this vulture eat what was left of a squirrel! We were three feet away from him and we were able to see some amazing details. No cars came our way for almost 15 minutes as we parked in the middle of the road to watch nature take it’s course. It was better than any movie and even little Ellie was ecstatic!

So here I am exhausted, with half of my to do list unchecked… Yet completely comfortable with how our day has progressed. Sometimes, life has plans of its own and you can choose to embrace the ride or complain and miss out! I’m so glad that for once I embraced the chaos today and experienced the unadulterated joy of just choosing to be content!


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