Back to School #4: A Day and Week in Action

O-hayou Gozaimasu! That's pronounced ohiyo goyzaimas and it means Good Morning in Japanese... wanna know how my kiddos learned that? Watching Anime with subtitles. 🙂 Welcome to Part 3 of my 5 Part Back to School series where we look at how a normal day and week work in our house. Here is our formal schedule... Continue Reading →


Back to School #3: Planning and Resources without Curriculum

Welcome Back! It's my Back to School roundup and so far we have gone through What I've Learned about Homeschooling so far and How we use the Charlotte Mason and Unschooling philosophies in our house. I did not go into any detail behind the two philosophies because honestly there is already so much out there... Continue Reading →

Back to School 2014!

Last year we began our homeschool journey, again. We ditched almost all of the curriculum, changed gears radically and fell in love with learning. I most definitely call 2013-2014 a success, so it should come as no surprise that, with all the back to school hoopla thats taking over the airwaves, facebook feeds and weekly... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Chaos

Two weeks have passed since their family of six moved the half mile from their townhouse with a gorgeous wood lined back yard to the new third floor apartment. Money needed to be saved and expenses cut if they ever wanted to claim their goal of being debt free. She walked the twenty feet from... Continue Reading →

The Birth, Death and Rebirth of a Writer

The awakening began at a young age. Entranced by words of all kinds. Emboldened by images that frolicked in the fields of her mind. Unaware of the weirdness that lie beneath. Imaginary worlds were grown in the free play between siblings and neighborhood friends. Intricate story lines involving evil sorcerers and heroic princess' being directed... Continue Reading →

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