My Apples Fell Close to this Tree!

For 1 week now we have been living in an Apartment. It has not been unpacked yet, we are still finding homes for everything and it is tiny for this family of 6! Before we moved here I spent about a month (because that’s all the time we had between the decision to move and the move out date) purging the unnecessary clutter. Upon moving in we have come to a few realizations.

1) We own large furniture. Almost everything we own is a hand me down, pretty much everything we own was once located in a very large house and almost everything is 10 years old or more. The exception being our ikea shelves that I bought for toy storage. With only 1000sq ft it’s very obvious that our furniture is oversized!

2) I have no real cleaning routine, and that will change. Not because I want to be more responsible. No I will be cleaning much more often because our appliances are tiny and cannot handle too much. Our sink gets full after breakfast dishes…after dinner the dishwasher is full AND I still have a sink full of dishes. One load of laundry is 1/3 of what I used to do, in fact washing only the days dirty clothes for everyone in the house fills up the washer. That is one outfit person… Half of which are toddler sized!

3) My children are my clones. They have many of their fathers attribute and tendencies but when your in a tiny apartment with thin walls and can hear every conversation you get a better understanding of how people think and my littles are undoubtedly mine!

Their imaginations come from me…all the way down to make believe mythical worlds that must be saved from aliens and time bending bad guys. The love of all things nerdy also comes from me…it is because of my love of sci-fi/fantasy that my 7yr old requested a sonic screwdriver for his birthday and why my 5 year old DAUGHTER loves Star Wars (and Dr. Who!)!!

Their sensitivities come from me. Living in this chaos gets under my skin and makes me highly irritable…now multiply that by 4. We are all living on edge because our environment is in shambles. Daddy is the most level headed one of us all…for now, poor guy.

Temper tantrums are always viable options. I wonder why my kids are always melting down and then whilst freaking out due to the stress of it all (because I’m an idiot to plan a move in less than 30 days and start the school year at the same time while also packing for a week long family vacation!) I realized that I still have temper tantrums. I’m just more able to rationalize why.

Sometimes I need to just do. I need to go somewhere new, do something different, make something that’s creative or think something radical. Surprisingly so do my children! As long as the change is only temporary then anything goes for all of us and if there is too much routine we all get cranky. But what they create and how willing they are to just go (right now they all want to move to Japan and then South America just to experience it all and learn new languages!) surprises and astounds us regularly.

In fact, so much of what makes me quirky is what makes them awesome. Some of the very traits I looked at with insecurity in my youth, are now what makes my wild, crazy, sensitive children so much fun to be around!

So there you have it…I take responsibility for having minions of awesomeness that have spawned upon this earth. Your Welcome.


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