Finding My Tribe

While watching the new CBS show Scorpion (which Little Man loves as much as we do) I asked my son if he sometimes felt weird or different than everyone around him and his response was "no." He is not "normal", I have cringed for him while watching from a distance as he tries to make... Continue Reading →


Lost on the Journey

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the map that you get lost and almost miss out on the journey? Of course I am speaking metaphorically, but seriously, I am so there! So overwhelmed by where I am that I feel┬ácompletely lost and the thought of what might be coming ahead scares me so much... Continue Reading →

The Failure Challenge

I go through phases and lately I have been very introspective, as I'm sure you have noticed but I wanted to break up all that seriousness and write something fun and helpful. I really like reading and for right now education is my obsession. Maybe because I'm elbow deep in it with my children and... Continue Reading →

My American Dream

The internationally renowned American Dream where anyone from anywhere can find their place and live their lives freely. ... Wait, is that a little old fashioned? Hmmm, Let me try again. This time in a radio show host "voice" a la the 40's. ... Ah, the illustrious American Dream. Where the little guy from nowhere... Continue Reading →

The Leap

Ever felt like the future was rushing toward you and you are insanely ill-prepared? To stand on the precipice of the unknown and know deep down that you have nothing to offer? What if, instead of feeling fear or anticipation, you felt Exhilaration? Does that make you Daring or Brave? Can I call myself Adventurous,... Continue Reading →

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