The Leap

Ever felt like the future was rushing toward you and you are insanely ill-prepared?

To stand on the precipice of the unknown and know deep down that you have nothing to offer?

What if, instead of feeling fear or anticipation, you felt Exhilaration?

Does that make you Daring or Brave?

Can I call myself Adventurous, if I lean into the wind and laugh maniacally?

Or am I just too scared to face the fear?

I would like to think that Faith has brought me here,

Woven through me the tendrils of Peace so completely that I cannot even conceptualize the gravity of the unknown.

That Grace has lifted me into the bosom of its winged caress,

singing softly the calming melodies of courage and strength.

Have I missed the call to wild anger?

Did I lose the memo stating the appointed time to panic?

Maybe i just showed up early and jumped to the front of the line,

waiting for your voice to call me forward.

Fear and Faith

dance round me,

they beckon and call out my name.

I stand on the edge unbroken, cracks held together with glue.

Together we will hold onto the darkness and jump forth bringing light anew.



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