Buying into The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a homeschooling family who had it all together. Everyday was beautifully wonderful. The mother woke up to a clean house, easily jumped out of bed to the sounds of birds chirping, the sun rising and her children giggling in lilting tones of joy. They quickly dressed themselves in stylish... Continue Reading →


Mommy Needs a Time Out

Last year before┬áChristmas we decided to go to the outlet mall on a Thursday night. Naively I thought it wouldn't be too bad, busy but not unbearable. I was totally and completely wrong! We were inside for about 20 minutes. The kids were ready to leave but they were still functioning. I was not. I... Continue Reading →

5 Party Free Birthday Traditions

This is not in any way a treatise against birthday parties. We are not against them. They just do not work for our family and if you are looking for ways to simplify your birthday celebrations than keep on going! I am a sucker for Pinterest. I LOVE beautiful things. Anyone, who has spent any... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Sound

The rain is pouring around us. The fog that envelopes us makes driving difficult. We are already late. As we pull into the driveway Little Man and Little Miss begin fighting. Neither wants to carry the books required for piano lessons and their teacher is cheerfully waving as they tumble out of the van. Curly... Continue Reading →

“Go Outside and Get into Nature”

Have you ever watched an episode of PBS' Dinosaur Train? Its a favorite around here. We all love it and watch it fairly regularly. The title even came from the Scott Sampson, the Paleontologist who ends every episode. Much like Mr. Roger on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood used to say "Won't you be my neighbor" with... Continue Reading →

A Week in the Life

Not long ago I posted what our schedule looked like. I loved it and we got out of the house everyday, giving us purpose and direction. Well that lasted about a month. So here is an updated look into how we roll. My favorite thing about homeschooling has got to be, hands down, the flexibility.... Continue Reading →

The Cleaning Conundrum

I have a cleaning conundrum. I have smart, well behaved children who generally follow directions well. So why can't they clean up a flipping room! I have Pinterested my way through organizational stuff, I have cut down on clutter, we have hung everything up and put everything in why is there ALWAYS clothes on... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Online Space Resources

Do you have a Space Enthusiast in your house? We do! Little Man is enthralled with space. Everything he chooses to learn somehow stemmed off of a space related subject. When we spent 2 months learning everything we could about Pirates, yeah, that was really all because of space. His sisters asked about Pirates first... Continue Reading →

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