Top Ten Online Space Resources

Do you have a Space Enthusiast in your house? We do!


Little Man is enthralled with space. Everything he chooses to learn somehow stemmed off of a space related subject.

When we spent 2 months learning everything we could about Pirates, yeah, that was really all because of space. His sisters asked about Pirates first after they watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates at Grandma’s house. We checked out books from the library and started watching kid friendly pirate movies. One of those was Treasure Planet. Now Little Man wanted to know about Pirates too, that is now that pirates could surf past a super nova and travel to distant galaxies…at least in his imagination. Sure, we read Treasure Island and learned everything we could about real pirates but the big interest was still space.

When we started learning measurements in math it was all because he wanted to know how far away the Sun was. Thats also when I introduced place value and multiplication. I used 93 million miles to start that conversation.

This whole chemistry kick that he is on right now is all thanks to a Princeton Lecture we found via our smart TV. Thanks Mister Professor Man, your mention of the chemical diversity of the universe and the chemical make up of the sun sparked his interest in the Periodic table. Then he read through everything he could in our house on chemistry, which is really a few science encyclopedias and they didn’t answer his questions about the make up of the sun and how the elements combine. However, it did get us talking about chemical bonds and alchemy (Lego Harry Potter helped too) which only broadened his interests.

I thought the whole Chemistry bug was in him now but still he stays up at night playing with his solar system tablet toy and reading encyclopedias…over and over again! If I turn on a documentary for me about astrophysics (It’s funny how the kids interests rub off on me…know I want to know everything I can about astrophysics, photography, Dinosaurs and Marine Biology!) I immediately have a best friend glued to my hip.

On top of all that there are these resources…which he goes back to everyone he gets free time on my computer! He loves these  sites, YouTube videos, and YouTube playlists. Please note these are favorites in our house. Little Man is a Visual learner and so videos and websites are a crucial part of our learning environment.

The Solar System Song:

I dare you not to get this tune stuck in your head…if you win you are stronger than I.

Solar System Structure & Formation Playlist:

With over 40 videos this is a pretty good collection of YouTube Videos covering these two topics.

Astrophysics & Cosmology:

With 90 videos from a wide variety of sources, including Cable channel specials, this YouTube Playlists is awesome for anyone interested in Space, or physics.

NASA / NASA Space Place:

I put these two together because both are official NASA websites. That being said we use them for two very different reasons. The NASA sites has some amazing resources for the more serious fanatic, including Podcasts, Videos, and up to date information. Meanwhile, Space Place is meant for children. There are games, simplified information and other activities meant for a younger crowd.

ESA/Hubble & HubbleSite:

If you want great images from the Hubble Telescope these are the place to go. HubbleSite is run by NASA and so we tend to go there more often because overall they offer more but the ESA/Hubble website is a little easy to maneuver through when we want to look at pictures quickly and easily.

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server:

Ok, this is technically not about space but because the images come from space I’m adding them in… I should also add Google Earth (their Sesame Street option is a favorite for the smaller ones) here for that same reason. Little Man loves seeing the world from outer space!


These guys have everything but their Astronomy section is Little Mans playground.

Astronomy for Kids:

The link takes you straight to the games and activities but there are also articles and information if you poke around.

Amazing Space:

This is a pretty neat website on its own but we really like this one for the “Tonight’s Sky” section.

I saved this one for last because it is Little Man’s absolute favorite out of them all. Between the live footage constantly streaming from the International Space Station and the NASA TV channel he could spend all day, every day, on this site.


I’m tossing in this last resource because it is both local and online. Find your nearest university/college/community college and get ahold of their astronomy department. Most departments hold night sky viewings on clear evenings where they allow the public to use their telescopes to view the night sky. Often there is a short lecture to go along with it and you get an expert to guide you through what your watching.

I haven’t been to every site online and because he is still interested in this subject we are still looking to add to this list. If you have any favorites not mentioned here go ahead and add links to the comments section, we will be happy to find some new ones.

Happy Hunting!


This is a part of GHF’s Resource Review, please click here if you would like to look through more reviews.


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