The Importance of a Lazy Day

Do you recognize the importance of lazy days? Do you savor the existence of an empty calendar day with no chores, expectations or social responsibilities? Do you intentionally plan for these days and then respect the need to keep them free?

importance of lazy daysI don’t know if you’ve been sucked into societies problem of over scheduling or if you’ve fallen prey to the wondrous lure of possibly fun or educational activities to the point where your family feels as though it’s being pulled in every which direction, but I have.

I have been a slave to the schedule of extra-curricular activities. I have stretched myself too thin between multiple social responsibilities that I just couldn’t say no to. I have been a chauffeur that eats multiple meals out of our van while spending way too much on gas money to get people from here to there.gardengirls There have been months where I wondered if we would be home often enough to ever get around to paper school work because there were so many activities and appointments scheduled. I’ve been there.I’ve been there and I was miserable. My family was rarely ever together the whole time, even though we homeschool and the stress was wearing us down.

Things needed to change, and so we changed them.

Over the past two years we have experimented with varying responsibilities, learning to say no, and learning to spread things out but more importantly we have learned to respect and hold fast to the importance of regularly scheduled lazy days. More than saying no, more than spreading out activities or field trips, it has been the regular lazy day that brings us together the most. gardening with dad

We try to fit in one day a week but realistically it looks more like two a month. A lazy day doesn’t need to be spent siting down. It doesn’t require lounging in front of a TV. Although both are valid options. A truly restful and healing lazy day means that you spend time at home, together, without outsiders or deadlines looming. Our best lazy days are scheduled after our busiest weeks or just before. Sometimes we garden together, sometimes we visit our neighborhood park (as in we go for a walk or bike ride) and on other days we play indoor games together (usually Dominoes or cards). It is on these days that I craft or cook their favorite meals and snacks, because I want to and we have the time, while the children play or my husband reads.

These are the days that we treasure most. These are the days where our family bonds grow. These are sacred days. They are important. They are necessary and we will never go back to a life without them.dominoes


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