When I received my diagnosis for Fibromyalgia the first emotion that hit me was sheer relief. I wasn't crazy. The pain wasn't in my head. I hadn't imagined that life was getting harder. It actually was. Shower's hurt. I still need to sit and rebuild my stamina before getting dressed after a warm shower, especially... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Mold

Meet Sally and Jane. Sally is an out of the box thinker while Jane is your average stereotypical girl. Sally enjoys STEM activities while Jane prefers to read. Sally prefers comfort and functionality whereas Jane prefers style. Sally is able to fit in as "one of the guys" but Jane does better with female social... Continue Reading →

Imposter Located

If I'm so smart, then why is making friends so hard? If I'm so smart, then why haven't I been able to get a job since Grad School? If I'm so smart, then why do I feel like a failure so often? I did everything right. It was all so easy before I became an... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Perfect

There exists in my house a parasite. A tiny vampire that feeds off of the insecurities that hide below the surface and infects the inhabitants with an obsessive need for perfection. He rears his ugly head in different ways for different family members but his existence plagues us all. Sometimes, it's the fear of failure... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Sensitive

There are four of them living in my house. Four beautiful, creative, curious, and extremely sensitive children who live under our roof. It really is a blessing, most of the time. Most of the time, I love that they are able to empathize with others. Most of the time, I love how sweet they are... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My World

Welcome back to Everyday Random Blessings where life is crazy, school doesn't look at all like school and we try our best to embrace our very own muchness. Join us for a look into a typical day as we join The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum's March Blog Hop. Before I get started lets set the stage.... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Online Space Resources

Do you have a Space Enthusiast in your house? We do! Little Man is enthralled with space. Everything he chooses to learn somehow stemmed off of a space related subject. When we spent 2 months learning everything we could about Pirates, yeah, that was really all because of space. His sisters asked about Pirates first... Continue Reading →

Finding My Tribe

While watching the new CBS show Scorpion (which Little Man loves as much as we do) I asked my son if he sometimes felt weird or different than everyone around him and his response was "no." He is not "normal", I have cringed for him while watching from a distance as he tries to make... Continue Reading →

Lost on the Journey

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the map that you get lost and almost miss out on the journey? Of course I am speaking metaphorically, but seriously, I am so there! So overwhelmed by where I am that I feel┬ácompletely lost and the thought of what might be coming ahead scares me so much... Continue Reading →

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