Charlotte Mason for a Twice-Exceptional Child

Around here we have fully jumped onto the Charlotte Mason bandwagon, but we do things a bit differently than most blogs that you'll find and there's very good reason for that. A look at Charlotte Mason's 20 Principles.



When I received my diagnosis for Fibromyalgia the first emotion that hit me was sheer relief. I wasn't crazy. The pain wasn't in my head. I hadn't imagined that life was getting harder. It actually was. Shower's hurt. I still need to sit and rebuild my stamina before getting dressed after a warm shower, especially... Continue Reading →

Finding a Fit

Well hello again, it's been a while hasn't it? Thanksgiving feels like a lifetime ago yet here I sit at my keyboard only now realizing that it's been that long since I put my thoughts out there. So much has happened in such a short time. The curriculum that worked fabulously stopped working fabulously after... Continue Reading →

Just Like… Me!?

This past fall we made the decision to let go of our Unschooling ways in favor for a more structured Charlotte Mason routine and now, half a year later, I am taking a second look at our decision. This is not what I was planning. I had glorious visions of days filled with us out... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Perfect

There exists in my house a parasite. A tiny vampire that feeds off of the insecurities that hide below the surface and infects the inhabitants with an obsessive need for perfection. He rears his ugly head in different ways for different family members but his existence plagues us all. Sometimes, it's the fear of failure... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Reality

I love to read. I absolutely, love to read. Over the course of the last six years it has greatly saddened me to find that my brain cannot keep up with my interests. I dream of a day when I can lay beneath a Willow tree, upon a soft blanket, lost in the pages of a challenging... Continue Reading →

De-Schooling Me

New homeschoolers are everywhere I look, so here is a little bit of advice based on my experience. Homeschooling is weird. For most of history it was the go to form of education with the only exception being the extremely rich who could afford to outsource their children's educations. Fast forward a few millennia and... Continue Reading →

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