Back to School #5: How I Make this Unschooling Charlotte Mason Legal

Welcome Back to School: "How I Make this Unschooling Charlotte Mason Legal!" It's been quite a while since I sat at the keys of my computer, but Life has been crazy! We have turned back into single car family, the kids got sick, I started teaching Sunday School and I've been engrossed in writing my... Continue Reading →

Back to School #4: A Day and Week in Action

O-hayou Gozaimasu! That's pronounced ohiyo goyzaimas and it means Good Morning in Japanese... wanna know how my kiddos learned that? Watching Anime with subtitles. 🙂 Welcome to Part 3 of my 5 Part Back to School series where we look at how a normal day and week work in our house. Here is our formal schedule... Continue Reading →

Back to School 2014!

Last year we began our homeschool journey, again. We ditched almost all of the curriculum, changed gears radically and fell in love with learning. I most definitely call 2013-2014 a success, so it should come as no surprise that, with all the back to school hoopla thats taking over the airwaves, facebook feeds and weekly... Continue Reading →

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