“Go Outside and Get into Nature”

Have you ever watched an episode of PBS' Dinosaur Train? Its a favorite around here. We all love it and watch it fairly regularly. The title even came from the Scott Sampson, the Paleontologist who ends every episode. Much like Mr. Roger on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood used to say "Won't you be my neighbor" with... Continue Reading →

Back to School #5: How I Make this Unschooling Charlotte Mason Legal

Welcome Back to School: "How I Make this Unschooling Charlotte Mason Legal!" It's been quite a while since I sat at the keys of my computer, but Life has been crazy! We have turned back into single car family, the kids got sick, I started teaching Sunday School and I've been engrossed in writing my... Continue Reading →

Back to School 2014!

Last year we began our homeschool journey, again. We ditched almost all of the curriculum, changed gears radically and fell in love with learning. I most definitely call 2013-2014 a success, so it should come as no surprise that, with all the back to school hoopla thats taking over the airwaves, facebook feeds and weekly... Continue Reading →

The Great Winter Escape!

Last year, after spending 3 years in Southern California, where winter means 20's at night but 65 during the day, my kids ranted and raved about how awesome the winter season is! They would spend hours outside everyday, all bundled up and waddling around like a marshmallow trying to catch a cream puff. Snow was... Continue Reading →

Fall Nature Explorations

Have you ever spent so much time planning that you forget to do? It happens to me all the time. I research, study, schedule, and all together plan out every aspect of how I want to do stuff and then reality sinks in and I get upset when it doesn't go as planned. It happens... Continue Reading →

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