Make Way for Breaks: Scheduling around Chronic Illness

Ah the beloved break. Spring Break, Winter Break...Summer vacation. Many of my favorite childhood memories are inextricably linked with the nostalgia of school breaks. A nostalgia that I do not want my children to miss out on even though we have the freedom to break away from the school schedules that accompany them. I love... Continue Reading →

When Plans Fail

Remember this photo? Yep, that's the hallway from my bedroom to the kids rooms. It has every toy we could find in any of the three rooms stacked about two feet high... Ok fine I'll be honest, thrown about two feet high. I have struggled for years (since my oldest was born) with my OCD... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Mice and Men

While going through my new nightly routine (little by little I'll figure out this whole adulthood/ responsibility/ homemaker thing) of cleaning up the kitchen I found a sight all too well known by these eyes. Tiny black dots scattered behind my microwave and along the edge of my sink. I move the microwave to find... Continue Reading →

Letting go of Perfection

Everyone has a day like that. Everyone gets frustrated. Everyone gets angry. Everyone has a day where they just want to quit! I used to have more of those days than good ones and I didn't know why. I was struggling with my identity, struggling with my roles in life, struggling with selfishness and pride.... Continue Reading →

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