Inspiring Curiosity a la Mason

Curious minds breed curiosity but often that curiosity comes in varying levels of intensity and trying to plan around an intangibility like curiosity can drive anyone to madness. So how can you plan ahead when everything seems so inconsistent? In order to answer this question while trying to find some structure for Little Man's focus... Continue Reading →

Pirates, Faeries and Tea

Want to know the secret to how things work for us? The answer is a simple, tea! I do not like fighting for attention. I do not like yelling and forcing my children to sit down and listen. It is one of the main reasons that I started Unschooling. However, just letting the kids do... Continue Reading →

Ninja Study!

After months of watching Ninjago on Netflix the kids started asking questions about real ninjas. So in a true Unschooling fashion we turned finding the answers into school! After a trip to our local library to raid their small stash of ninja books we broadened our horizons and checked out a whole slew of books... Continue Reading →

Panda Bear, Panda Bear

In an effort to focus more on my little girls, I have created an Eric Carle unit study for Preschool! It's a work in progress but it is also something that any mom or dad can do with their young kiddos, even in the evenings after work! I love the concepts behind the Five in... Continue Reading →

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