After Unschooling

Well if you are here that means you are looking for information on Unschooling. Welcome! Unfortunately, while I really enjoyed our years as Unschoolers we have moved on from this style of schooling. If you would like to look at the archives, please be my guest. So much of what we did was absolutely wonderful... Continue Reading →

“Making Magic”

"Momma, close your eyes. I'm going to make Magic" Itty Bitty stood on the grassy hill that gently sloped down from the library's brick wall. She had just grasped an entire Dandelion puff in her tiny hand and was squeezing her teeny fist as tightly as possible. "Ok, can I open them now?" I asked,... Continue Reading →

Fencing Along

Where has time gone? This little wonder will be turning 5 in about a month and I'm beginning to freak out! As I start to focus more on what she needs academically and I get ready for her first "official" year of school I find myself walking along the fence of choice. Honestly there is... Continue Reading →

Imagination Station!

These kiddos are down right creative! Most days I can't get a word in edgewise because of the intricate worlds they have created. As they are growing into their own unique personalities I am finding that we live in a house with multiple gifts! I thought I understood this whole gifted thing and asynchronous learning... Continue Reading →

Evolution of a Homeschooler

If you read my earliest posts about homeschooling they are so far off from what we actually live! I have evolved into something I thought I would never be! I used to be so rigid, such a planner... I still am but instead of planning out every minute I have come to embrace flexibility. I... Continue Reading →


Really?! Seriously!? It would be just my luck!! I spent months planning and organizing, researching and outlining! I looked into Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unschooling, Montessori, Waldorf and Thomas Jefferson styles and merged what I though would fit our family. I have been agonizing over what I would teach and how I would teach it. For... Continue Reading →

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